The purpose of the Kicks for Kids program is to raise money for new shoes for less fortunate children in Eastern Idaho, while teaching children the value of giving.

The program was created in 1987 on the simple philosophy of “kids helping kids.” The program was originally called Coins for Christmas but has been recently revamped to be called Kicks for Kids to help spread awareness that the program can be utilized year round. The program provides an opportunity for anyone to donate spare change to fund the purchase of new shoes for children in our community.

Fundraising for the program is done at least two times per year during our Kicks for Kids Golf Tournament and our Coins for Christmas Fundraiser. Anyone can Donate Online as well as at any East Idaho Credit Union Branch throughout the year.

Through these fundraising efforts, we are able to provide shoe vouchers to children that are identified by participating schools and organizations in Eastern Idaho. Shoe vouchers are requested by School Counselors, Social Workers and other local leaders in our communities. If you know a child in need, please speak with your local school about our program.

Every penny counts and your involvement in our fundraising efforts will help us continue to support local kids in need.